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Aliya Carries Home First Ever Gold Award

GBCSL Gold Award in GREEN Rating System – New Buildings, for Aliya Resort & Spa, first recipient in the hospitality industry.

Sunday, 4 May 2014 – BMICH, Colombo | Aliya Resort & Spa has been recognized as a resort committed to Green’ and received the Gold Award in GREEN Rating System of New Buildings, from the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL), the recently constituted not-for-profit organization responsible for Green rating buildings and Green labeling products.

This award, the first of its kind presented to a recipient in the Hospitality Industry, was the first award to be accorded to the resort. ‘Green Building’ is a way of building structures to enhancing our surrounding environment. While natural and resource efficient features can be highlighted in a building, they can also be invisible within an architectural design. A genuine ‘green building’ takes a holistic approach to programming, planning, designing and constructing buildings and sites.

The Aliya Resort & Spa complex extent is approximately 5.39 hectare acres and the total build-up area is approximately 1,018,500 square feet. Salient green features of the Aliya project were highlighted in order to obtain high rating on the Green Scorecard. Eco huts, optimum day light utilization by proper design, proper environment management plan, landscaping with indigenous flora and fauna, lake that was artificially created to store waste and storm water of the area, water treatment plant, utilizing grey water to sustain the landscaped gardens as well as the agro-areas, and energy efficient lighting were all factors that pushed up the scorecard to achieve Gold.

‘A micro socio-economic system was modeled by creating the lake and introducing a small paddy field on the site’, acknowledged Chandra Wickramasinghe, Chairman of Aliya Resort & Spa. The design was to keep the environment as untouched as possible, which resulted in only one indigenous tree being uprooted and re-planted elsewhere. ‘The site is green after all the construction of built environment and hardscape was completed. The footprint of the built environment was calculated as only 20% of the entire site’, said Chief Executive Officer, Chamin Wickramasinghe.

The GBCSL is affiliated to the World Green Building Council with over 80 affiliated countries as part of its membership. The Green Building Council of Sri Lanka held its Awards Night 2013 at the BMICH with Chief Guest Hon. Basil Rajapakse as well as Hon. Minister Champika Ranawaka and Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Bashwara Gunaratne as Special Guests.