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Minneriya National Park

Located in the north central province of Sri Lanka, Minneriya National Park attracts a large number of visitors because of wild elephants gathering on the grass fields. Elephants have become a significant part of the park as there are over 700 wild elephants that dwell within the premises. The elephants thrive on the Minneriya Tank; the water sustains the forest and is the main source of survival for all the other animals.

The park is also home to two endemic monkeys; the purple-faced Langur and Toque Macaque. The purple-faced Langur and Toque Macaque are some of the most endangered primates in the world. It is entertaining to watch them in their habitat as these lively monkeys always swing on branches and chase each other around the trees. Bird watching is another activity you can indulge in while at the park. The Sri Lankan Hanging Parrot, Grey Hornbill and Jungle Fowl are some of the birds you should try to spot.