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Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya is a world heritage site and should be in the list of must-see places in Sri Lanka. It is a rock fortress that was the royal palace of King Kasyapa who ruled in 477 CE. Kasyapa built his royal home on the top of the rock where he installed bathing pools, ponds and royal quarters. The rock is over 600 feet high and the only way to reach to the top is by climbing narrow stone steps, about 700 of them. Although most of the original structures of the palace are no longer visible there are a lot of ruins that remain. This gives an idea of what it would have looked like back in the day.

At the base of the rock there are three large gardens: the boulder gardens, terraced gardens and water gardens. Some of the ponds are empty and have dried up over the years, but a few remain intact and are filled with water. In addition to the gardens there are caves that would have been used as residences for people at court. Do not miss out on the viewing of the Sigiriya Frescoes. The graffiti is found on the wall of the rock and represent the women that lived in Kasyapa’s palace.