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Living spaces

Constructions of this humble retreat are a product of the thoughts and efforts on an innovative, alternative building concept; recycled polypropylene bags filled with moist subsoil, stacked to create structure, in replacement of bricks and mortar. These surprisingly strong and eco-friendly constructions vaunt of their contribution to the growing need of sustainable tourism in the country. The concept of Ayurvie Sigiriya being “Upgrading without destroying,” the architecture of the premises is designed imitating the traditional living settlement of the country.

Sigiriya being a tank fed village in the dry zone of the island, the wellness retreat premises is designed in par with vernacular architectural concepts; unpretentious, simple, indigenous, traditional structures made of local materials and following well-tried forms and types. The building materials used for constructions are effective in enhancing the cooling effect inside the accommodation on its own, thus minimizing the need for the usage of air-conditioning.

The interior of the accommodation, comprising of 10 rooms, reflects traditional Sri Lankan dwellings providing a comfortable living space for the guests experiencing the healing of their body and mind. Each room is built camouflaged in nature, facing the direction of sunrise, adding vibration to break the monotonous feeling of the typical day to day life. The ambiance along with the surrounding green encourages the feeling of Mass Consciousness inciting a sense of belongingness while harmonizing with nature.

All rooms are equipped with:

A product of the vision of an architectural mastermind, our deluxe rooms overlook green vegetable plots and paddy fields. Owing to its eco-friendly construction the interior ...