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Derived from the words ‘Ayush’ (long life) and ‘Veda’ (knowledge) from the ancient Sanskrit language, ‘Ayurveda’ is a system of traditional medicine indigenous to South Asia. ‘Ayurveda’ is often synonymised with Sri Lanka as the country has long been endorsed to have the expertise, knowledge and resources necessary to practice this science. In our part of this world, this wonderous 3000-year-old medical system is not only considered as a mere practice, but rather a way of life!
At Ayurvie Weligama, we have adapted to a way of life that strives the wellbeing of our guests. From the main restaurant where all meals served are vegetarian and prepared according to the prescriptions of our in-house physicians to ‘Anitya’ the magnificent Yoga Mandapa where our guru guides you in search of your inner peace, the life at Ayurvie Weligama is a wholesome and unique experience for guests. Not only they are treated for their physical ailments but they are trained to live a life where their health is priority.