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There is always a place for extraordinary, dedicated and service orientated staff at our Resorts & Spas.  Knowledge of the industry is preferred, but a passion to serve is a must.

While high achievers are rewarded, we provide on the job training and mentoring to those who wish to reach even higher in their careers.

Understanding and encouraging various displays of aptitude and resourcefulness, we have discovered and harnessed the potential in many of our Resort’s personnel.

The bottom-line is that our people are encouraged to be proactive and provide exceptional service with a genuine smile.

Contact us on hr@theme-resorts.com for further information.

Current Vacancies


The Front Office and Guest Services are both a fundamental part of our Resorts. As keys to our Guest Satisfaction drivers, these departments are critical to the continued success of our brands, and our company as a whole. The Front Office and Guest Services departments are in constant contact with guests, and have the most diverse operating exposure to ensure a warm welcome and a pleasant experience for the guests.

Guest Relations Executive

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Food & Beverage is a key driver of the guest experience. As a result, positions within F&B are critical to the overall success and reputation of our Resorts plus our portfolio of brands as a whole. This is typically the division running the highest operational budget & challenged in terms of cost effectiveness. Ideal candidates are passionate about F&B excellence and seek to create a unique restaurant, bar and/or banquet experience that exceeds guest expectations and drives positive business results. Candidates should also possess excellent teamwork and communication skills, as both are necessary to maintain a well-orchestrated operation that resonates favorably with guests.


Much of a guest’s overall impression of the Resorts relates to its cleanliness; therefore Housekeeping associates play a crucial role in ensuring an exceptional guest experience. The Housekeeping department is typically the largest in the Resort in terms of the number of associates.

Engineering / Maintenance

As each of the facilities owned by Theme Resorts is the means through which we deliver our products and services, creating a safe environment for occupants, vital to the long-term success of our business. The Engineering, Maintenance as Facilities departments play an important role in maintaining a safe and fully functioning facility while ensuring compliance with various International, National and local environmental, health, safety, operating and building codes, standards and regulations.


Ayurvedic Spas have become a necessity for full-service Resort operations. Ayurvedic Spa services are merely offered in-room, or via a proprietary outlet on site. These types of offerings are now more commonly expected of our Resorts. The most common Ayurvedic Spa services include Ayurvedic massages, facials, Weight & Figure control methods & other typically Ayurvedic Trearments. All of our Resort Spas also include nutritional consultations, yoga and meditation, outdoor and indoor activities with guided instructions.


Human Resources at Theme Resorts is a dynamic function that provides strategic leadership and direction on all aspects of the associate experience that impact our organization’s business performance. Human Resources plays a critical role in maintaining Theme Resorts ’s position as a leader in the hospitality industry by delivering exceptional results in these key areas of expertise Our associates are backed by a dedicated organization with the interest and commitment to help them grow. We invest in education, tools and technology and provide ongoing training and support so that our sales associates can reach their ultimate career goals.


The Finance and Accounting departments play a significant role in the management of Resorts by way of providing the financial data used by all managers in their daily decision making, ensuring financially sound and thriving company. At the property level, these departments work closely with General Manager – Group and department heads to maximize their financial acumen, assist with recommendations for desirable economic options, safeguard owner assets with reliable internal control systems, and forecast and prepare monthly and annual reports. At our corporate offices, Finance and Accounting play a key roles in analyzing and driving business case recommendations and providing support for investments and strategic initiatives for our partnerships, loyalty programs, brands and the company overall.


A division with global impact, Global Brand Marketing shapes the way in which guests, peers and other companies understand Theme & Resorts Liaising with brand representatives and interacting with multiple departments within the company, Global Brand Marketing works with departments to develop and refine brand initiatives that support Theme Resorts ’s mission and business strategy. Because Theme Resorts is powered by the way our guests and owners perceive our company and our brands, we help Theme Resorts as an entity as well as its individual elements find ways to further and enhance the perceptions by those with whom we do business. We are always in search of talented Marketers and sales leaders for Resorts, divisional and global roles. Together, we work as one team with one goal of providing our customers a superior, personalized Theme Resorts experience.


In many cases, our Customer Contact Centers are the first point of contact the guests have with our resorts. Therefore, our associates’ communications with guests are a critical part of the overall guest experience. Each associate works hard to create memorable interactions that bring our brands to life for our guests before they ever step inside our Resorts.