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Our Resorts in Sri Lanka

Each one of our resorts in Sri Lanka has a distinct identity and theme that flows throughout its buildings, design and furnishings. Strongly influenced by the cultural traditions and symbolism unique to each area, we have strived to maintain the authenticity of how cultural art forms have been depicted.

Colours and hues are used to portray the emotions and artistic wealth of each area. Natural fabrics and local crafts are used to embellish the strong flavours and exclusive identity of the region.

Each structure has symmetry that has been aligned to expose breathtaking views and environments that are matchless in their pure beauty.

Theme Resorts & Spas -
Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa
Passekudah, Sri Lanka

Consisting of chalets and suites with stunning views of the ocean, this quaint fisher-village theme resort is all about the sun, sand and the sea.

Theme Resorts & Spas -
Aliya Resort & Spa
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Themed on the beloved elephant or ‘aliya’ in the Sinhala language, our 96 roomed resort takes you back to village lifestyle and rural beginnings.

Theme Resorts & Spas -
Kithala Resort
Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

Indulge in the warmest experience

Theme Resorts & Spas -
Ayurvie Weligama
Weligama, Sri Lanka

Designed to offer discerning guests an Ayurveda wellness retreat, nestled in a pristine ocean cove

Theme Resorts & Spas -

Wild Glamping provides out-of-the-ordinary accommodation and experiences in the Knuckles Mountain Range of Sri Lanka.

Theme Resorts & Spas -
Tea & Experience Factory
Mandaramnuwara, Kabaragalla

Provides an immersive artisan journey of ‘green gold’ from plucking to packing while creating a luxurious space for rest and relaxation.

Theme Resorts & Spas -

Ayurvie Sigiriya is a wellness retreat that practices the world’s oldest healing science, Ayurveda.

Theme Resorts & Spas -

Set in the historic village of Rathugala close to the Gal Oya National Park inhabited by the last of Sri Lanka’s indigenous population, the veddahs. The tents are appointed with ...