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Tea Plantation

The central province is the main region where Sri Lanka’s top exporting good Ceylon Tea is produced. Significant areas in the upcountry were converted to tea plantations during the time of British colonization. When the British ruled Sri Lanka they realized conditions in Kandy and other parts of the province were ideal for the growth of tea. In fact, the first tea plant was brought to Sri Lanka from China and was planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya. Tea plantations originated in Kandy and then expanded to areas such as Hatton and Bandarawela. The tea industry has grown rapidly since its introduction and even after independence tea continues to be Sri Lanka’s number one income generating produce.

While in Kandy it is easy to access any of the tea plantations. They are spread out across the mountains and if you speak to a local they will be willing to give you a tour of the area. Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, so it is definitely worth seeing the intimate process that goes in to brewing that perfect cup.