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Katharagama is a pilgrimage town that is a place of worship for the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and the indigenous Vedda tribes in the country. Katharagama is unique because you find a Buddhist temple, Hindu Kovil and Muslim Mosque all in one location. The Hindu Kovil is the central attraction, for it is believed that God Katharagama or Skanda-Murukan grants health and wealth to all his worshippers.

For tourists Katharagama offers the opportunity to observe all of the religious rituals practiced in Sri Lanka. From the Buddhists to the Hindus each ethnic group has a particular way of showing their devotion to gods. At the Kiri Vehera Buddhists light oil lamps, incense sticks and adorn Buddha statues with flowers. In the Hindu temple baskets of fruit are presented to the gods as a symbol of dedication and piety.Make sure you visit these religious sites during the ‘pooja’ times as it is during those times rituals are carried out.