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Sithul Pawwa

Sithul Pawwa is an iconic Buddhist temple that is along the Tissamaharama Road close to the Yala wildlife sanctuary. Sithul Pawwa, which means, ‘the hill for a peaceful mind’, was established around 2000 years ago. The temple was built on a large rock that is around 400 meters high. The only way to access the temple is via a steep stone cut stairway that runs along the rock. Most visitors enjoy the visual spectacle of the temple, rock and the nearby jungle. From the top of the rock you see a clear view of the luscious greenery below, and from the bottom you can’t help but notice the magnificent Buddhist temple white and glimmering in the sunlight.

The viharaya holds a number of ancient frescoes and artifacts which you need to check out. It gives you an idea about the kind of art that was prevalent in Sri Lanka. Other interesting things to look out for are; the ancient ruins towards the east of the rock, rock caves and the Nelum ponds.